Change in Dental Foundation Recruitment Timing - outcome of consultation


 DFT National Recruitment for September 2019


COPDEND has reviewed the proposal to move Dental Foundation Training National Recruitment to after UK Finals and has taken account of the views expressed by a number of stakeholders, together with the responses to the consultation.  The decision has been taken to retain the application and assessment processes as they are at present i.e. August/September and November respectively.


COPDEND has also reviewed the process for the release of offers and has come to the conclusion that the current two stage process in January and July should be changed to a single release date at the beginning of June after UK Finals results.  The reasons leading to this decision are set out below.


The release of all offers at the beginning of June has the following benefits:


1.    Successful applicants will have approximately three months to relocate if necessary.  This closely matches HEE best practice guidelines for notification of placements.

2.    All applicants will take Finals on a ‘level playing field’ with regard to appointment to Dental Foundation Training places.  The present system whereby some applicants know they have places whilst others do not may be intrinsically unfair.

3.    Offers in Dental Foundation Training National Recruitment will be aligned to Scottish VT offers so that applicants who have applied to both can immediately accept one or the other.

4.    The number of upgrades required will be limited.

5.    Allocation to training practices can be carried out after UK Finals so Educational Supervisors will immediately know which Foundation Dentist will be joining them.

6.    The timeline should still provide all applicants, practices, and NHS England/CAPITA with adequate time to set up Performers List and payment arrangements.


The provisional timeline for 2019 DFT National Recruitment will therefore be as follows:



Provisional Timeline

Applications Open

Late August 2018

Applications Close

Mid-September 2018

SJT online and assessment

November 2018

Assessment stations

19-21 November 2018

Preferencing of Schemes

December 2018

Undergraduate final results

Early June 2019


6 June 2019

Upgrades (if needed)

8 June 2019

Practice allocation week (where required)

18-22 June 2019

DFT Schemes commence

1 September 2019