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Change in Dental Foundation Recruitment Timing Consultation

Dental Foundation Training recruitment has traditionally been held in November since it became a national process in 2011. All DFT Trainees (FDs), except for those in Scotland, are recruited via this process during a single week in one of six centres. This consultation is designed to seek the views of a range of stakeholders on the proposal to move elements of the process to after UK Dental School release their Finals results.

At the present time, the national recruitment process occurs a significant time before most UK applicants take their finals and for this, and other reasons, the timing of recruitment has been questioned.  Most undergraduate Dental Schools announce finals results in the last week of May or the first week of June.  The change of start date of DFT posts from August to September now makes holding recruitment after UK undergraduate finals a real possibility.

DFT National Recruitment is not an exam - it is a competitive allocation to a training place.  We are assessing the suitability of an individual to manage the requirements to work as a GDP - team working, effective communication, ability to evaluate patient needs and expectations etc.

It is intended that the face-to-face element of DFT National Recruitment would take place in the second half of June. This change has already been made in Scotland for the 2018 recruitment round. Offers would then be made during the last week of June/ first week of July, allowing approximately eight weeks’ notice of the allocated DFT scheme. 

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COHIPB Oral Health Action Plan

Launch of COHIPB Oral Health Action Plan


COHIPB new story, please see link to the COHIPB action plan infographic.

COHIPB action plan infographic launch please see link

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Wendy Nicholson on the importance of health visitors for Child Oral Health: please see link

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COPDEND Quality Assurance Framework for Dental Workforce Development

The Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors UK (COPDEND) has commissioned this Quality Assurance Framework to support both providers of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for dental professionals and for Dentists and Dental Care Professionals (DCPs) themselves.

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Dental Foundation Training Blue Guide for RCP Process


Dental Foundation Training Success

All UK graduates have been offered paces for 2014 and recruitment for 2015 schemes opens on 01 September 2014 Read More ››

Development of a Situational Judgement test for Dental Core Training - October 2014

Dental Core Training (DCT) encompasses the early years of training following completion of Dental Foundation Training and was previously known as Dental Foundation Year 2, Dental Career Development and Dental SHO Training. The previous (2006) UK dental foundation training curriculum encompassed the first two postgraduate years, and is now out of date. There has never been any consistent national approach taken to the requirements of training posts beyond the first year and given the changes in population oral health, and proposed new approaches to how services are commissioned and delivered to meet patients needs, it is timely to also consider a more structured approach to how the training programmes for dentists beyond foundation level are managed.

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