EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES FOR HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE PROFESSIONALS This is a website run by two SHOs in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from Bath, which provides a valuable insight into the speciality and is useful point of reference for all OMFS SHOs. Modernising Medical Careers is fundamentally changing the way doctors are trained at every level.

BDA EU Manual of Dental Practice links to the PDF version of the EU Manual for Overseas Dentists on the BDA website.

New NHS Dental Portal The dental portal is a new online service that will enable NHS primary care dentists to access information relating to their contract and the processing of their activity forms. Dentists will also be able to view and download copies of their monthly pay statements, schedules, superannuation notifications and quarterly and end of year reports. Secure access will be available 24/7 and all that’s needed to access the portal is an internet connection