Completed research 2010-11

Alan Gilmour, Cardiff University - Dental Foundation Trainers’ Expectations of a Dental Graduate

In the context of a perception that the new generation of graduates are not as well prepared for clinical practice as their predecessors, it is important to identify precise shortcomings in new graduates’ training rather than rely on weak, non-specific anecdotal data.

The overall aim of this study was to investigate Dental Foundation (DF1) trainers’ expectations of the dental graduate specifically in relation to clinical skills, and explore whether these expectations were being met.

Building on the pilot work in Wales in 2010, an on-line survey was distributed to all DF1 trainers via all 11 English Deaneries and Northern Ireland. The main section of the questionnaire listed 104 specific clinical skills and trainers indicated their expectations about whether a new trainee should be able to perform the skill on a 5-point scale (on own with confidence/on own with limited confidence, slowly/on own following advice/with difficulty, needing assistance/unable to undertake) and whether their expectations were met.

The final report can be downloaded here.

23 April 2012