New Names for Dental Postgraduate Training Posts


08 April 2013 


COPDEND has agreed that since Dental Foundation Training is now officially defined as being of a year’s duration,   training posts that follow on from completion of dental foundation training will now be called “Dental Core Training Posts.”  

In the new NHS Performers List Regulations (England)  the term  Dental Foundation Training has been substituted  for “Dental Vocational Training”,  which has been in use since 1992.  From 1st April, dentists will complete a year of Dental Foundation Training  (or an equivalent period of part time employment ) leading to the award of a  Dental Foundation Training Certificate to be able to work in the NHS .


 The terms “Dental Foundation Year 2” , “Dental SHO” and “Dental Career Development Post”  will be phased out and posts starting from  this Summer will adopt the new title of “Dental Core Training” (DCT) posts.

 DCT Posts will be approved by Postgraduate Dental Deans for a maximum of one year, and will  be available in Hospital Trusts, Dental Schools, the Community Dental Services  and General Dental Practice. As now, the majority of these posts (DCT Year 1) will be designed to follow on directly from completion of Dental Foundation Training and a smaller number of more senior posts (DCT2 and DCT3) will allow dentists to acquire additional skills in particular specialty areas; often as preparation for applying to join specialty training programmes.


Helen Falcon, COPDEND Chair said: “We welcome this opportunity to clarify the terminology for postgraduate dental training posts. There has been a fair amount of confusion in recent years and we can now start the important job of developing clear curricula for these posts, with defined end points, so trainees, trainers and employers will know what to expect. We hope that it will also allow a more consistent approach to career planning and pay scales.