Planning for Dental Specialties - COPDEND Position Statement October 2013


Currently there is no UK system for planning future dental specialty training numbers. COPDEND has agreed that Local Education and Training Boards and Deaneries within the UK should therefore consider each training place as it becomes vacant until a single system within England and then possibly the UK is established. This is likely to take place within the framework of locally agreed dental workforce strategies.

The following questions will be asked as vacancies arise:

  • Is there a need for more trainees in the speciality to meet the local workforce need?
  • Is there a need for more trainees in the speciality to meet the national workforce need? (Consult with the Lead Dean and National Commissioners of Service)
  • Is a replacement post justified at the same level or should the post be made pre/post CCST where applicable?
  • Is there more need for training in a different speciality?
  • Would academic training be more appropriate in this speciality/LETB area?
  • Would the funding be in jeopardy if changed?
  • Would there be benefit in having wider discussions within HEE or COPDEND before progressing to fill this vacancy?
  • What are the service implications of the proposed change?

The answers to these questions will then inform any further discussions and decisions locally, nationally and within the UK as appropriate.